Current Specials:  New OR Repeat Customers Now Have Lower Rates For FULL GROOM Packages – NO FIRST TIME DISCOUNT REQUIRED! IMMEDIATE Availability 7 Days a Week!

Total Cost:  $40/Small Dogs 25lbs. & Under, $55/Med. Dogs 26-49 Lbs., & $70/Large Dogs Over 50Lbs for Full Groom Service. Partial Grooms are $20/30/40

$10 Nail Trim & File Every Day!

$20 Bath & Nails Special Any Size Dog Every Day!

$10 Exit Bath for Daycare Customers Every Day!

$15 Puppy baths!

$25 Puppy trims!

Call Our Office NOW To Reserve Your Spot at # 859-586-0634

Goldendoodles or Labradoodles may or may not be done on a case by case basis.  Check with Groomer for pricing, and dog may need to be brought in first to see if we will perform the groom based on current matted conditions.

We can NOT accept dogs that have been medicated/sedated and we also don’t muzzle dogs.  So if your dog can not be groomed without having either one, we can not do them.

Introducing, our “The Works” package. For a limited time.
– FREE Mobile Pickup and Drop-off from your house to our facility and back for your dog
– All-Inclusive Full Groom Session (Bath, Dry, Blueberry Facial, Nails Trimmed and Filed, Ears, Cleaned, Teeth Cleaned, Sanitary Trim, Haircut or De-shed, and Bow)
– 30 Min Swim in our pool (before the Groom)
– Open Play Daycare Session (also before the Groom)
Your dog will be exercised, socialized, tired, and looking great after it’s day with us!
Dogs must be social friendly with other dogs to participate in this limited time offer, as well as be current on all required vaccinations (Rabies Bordatella Distemper Parvo).
Small dogs (1-25 lbs) for only $80 ($122 Value)
Med. dogs (26-49 lbs) for only $95 ($142 Value)
Large dogs (50+ lbs) for only $110 ($157 Value)
All home pickups would need to be done no later than 11am to make sure your dog has time to receive all services.  Deduct $10 if no mobile service is needed.
If you want a package, call our office at 859-596-0634 to schedule.

We Groom Cats Too!

Price is a flat fee of $50 per cat for a Full Groom. There is a $7 optional Flea Shampoo. Dematting fee can run $5-10 additional if needed. Cats may be dropped off anytime between 8:00am and picked up no later than 7:00pm, 7 days a week. Please allow a minimum of 2 hours per cat before picking up and make sure to bring them in their Travel Kennel Carrier.

Cat Bath & Nails Only Special for $30 (Monday-Fridays Only)