Exclusive Boarding At Doggie Paddles:

We Require NO Deposit and we have Overnight Care By A Staff Member For Extra Peace of Mind!

ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING:  We don’t keep adding additional charges for potty breaks, walks, play time, etc.  We have ONE price.    The only additional charge we have is for if you want to add a Swim Session, Treadmill Session, Grooming, or similar.  Period.  So, your dog, when boarded with us, will receive as many potty breaks, play times, & indoor and/or outdoor daycare group play as the day allows.  If our staff is not busy, they will be getting your dog out as many times a day as we can.  No Limit.  This will depend on how busy we are a particular day of course. AND NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR DAYCARE!


Traditional – yet largest sized kennel crates – Budget friendly price of $32 per day/night. No additional charge if picked up within 24 hours. Otherwise add $15/Dog for extra 4 hours, or $24 daycare charge for more than 4 hours but up til 7pm on the last day only! If staying 2 or more nights pick-up is by 9am, then add $15/Dog for up to 1 pm pick-up or $24/Dog up til 7 pm.


Single Dog Suite (4.5′ x 4.5′) 1 Dog = $38.00 or 2 Small Dogs = $58.00

Double Suite (4.5′ x 7′) 2 Dogs = $58.00 or 3 Dogs = $88.00

$6 Optional 30 Min. Daily Group Swim Per Dog (Add-On Per Dog)

All dogs staying with us MUST be up to date on all required vaccines (Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, & Bordatella).  Super aggressive dogs may not be acceptable to board!  Subject to staff discretion.

Each Mini-Suite will be sanitized and disinfected every day after each use for maximum cleanliness & protection!

Each Boarding includes:

  • Potty breaks (unlimited)
  • Dedicated & Exclusive attention either individually or as a small group by our Staff
  • Raised Comfy Kuranda Dog Bed off the floor
  • Free Daycare Group Play (Rotated in and out daily)
  • Medication administered
  • Food & Water Bowl
  • Air Conditioned/Heated Climate Controlled Space
  • Friendly Social dogs will be rotated in and out of daycare for free play time
  • Overnight Staffed!

Rate is for up to 24 hours from drop off to pickup. If picked up from 24-28 hours, add $15/Dog for Half Daycare Charge.  If picked up from 28 hours up til 7pm add $24/Dog for Daycare Charge.  If staying 2 or more nights pick-up is by 9am, then add $15/Dog for up to 1 pm pick-up or $24/Dog up til 7 pm.


  • All dogs must be current on all required vaccines
  • Females must be fixed
  • Female dogs that are not fixed – Doggie Paddles is not responsible for Unfixed Female dogs, as they also participate in Daycare Group Play