Exclusive Boarding At Doggie Paddles:

All New Boarding Customers We Now Require 50% Deposit Upon Drop-Off, & Balance Paid In Full Before We Will Release Your Dog Back To You!

ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING:  We don’t keep adding additional charges for potty breaks, walks, play time, etc.  We have ONE price.    The only additional charge we have is for if you want to add a 30 Min. Swim Session or Treadmill Session.  Period.  So, your dog, when boarded with us, will receive as many potty breaks, play times indoor and/or outdoor, and use of our agility equipment.  If our staff is not busy, they will be getting your dog out as many times a day as we can.  No Limit.  This will depend on how busy we are a particular day of course. AND NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR DAYCARE!


As an additional alternative to our more exclusive boarding in our Mini-suites, we are now offering our budget friendly boarding option as well. This is limited to 7 dogs per day, AND your dog must be social dog friendly to use this option. Your dog would spend most of the day OUT of their kennel crates in our doggie daycare romping around with other dogs. Then, they spend the night in our traditional – yet largest sized kennel crates, instead of our larger Mini-suites.  If your dog is not social friendly, you can still use this boarding option but your dog will spend most of the day in their kennel, and we will just take them out for private outdoor play time and potty breaks on occasion.

This would be a more budget friendly price of $27 per day/night. Pickup by 9am the next morning. Or just add an extra $22 Daycare charge for later pickup up til 7pm.


Single Dog Suite (5′ x 5′) $35/Day/Night & No Additional Charge for Daycare Group Play

2 Dog Suite (5′ x 10′) $52.50  & No additional Charge for Daycare Group 

$5 Optional Daily Group Swim Per Dog (Add-On)

$10 Optional 10 min Private Treadmill Session Per Dog (Add-On)

All dogs staying with us MUST be up to date on all required vaccines (Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, & Bordatella).  Super aggressive dogs may not be acceptable to board!  Subject to staff discretion.

Each Mini-Suite will be sanitized and disinfected every day after each use for maximum cleanliness & protection!

Each Mini-Suite Stay includes:

  • Play time inside our play/training area and/or Outside in our fenced in yard (Weather Permitting)
  • Potty breaks
  • Treat Maze Cube to keep them entertained while inside their suites
  • Dedicated & Exclusive attention either individually or as a small group by our staff
  • TV’s in the Mini-Suite Area
  • Raised Comfy Dog Bed off the floor
  • Free Daycare Group Play
  • Medication administered
  • Food & Water Bowl
  • Air Conditioned/Heated Climate Controlled Space

Pick-up by 9 am, otherwise add a $22 daycare charge for pickup up til 7 pm.


  • All dogs must be able to go up and down stairs unassisted.  Our kennels are located on a 2nd Floor
  • The boarding facility will be unattended from the hours of 7pm-7am
  • All dogs must be current on all required vaccines