Mobile Grooming


Mobile grooming service now available 7 days a week!
Stay in your PJ’s, go on to work, whatever. We will now come to you! We offer the same everyday low rates as our facility, while only charging a once per trip mobile fee, and only applies to the first pet. 
Mobile Fee for any resident within a 5 mile radius from our facility is $25, and 5-10 miles out is $35.

If you are further out than 10 miles, go ahead and call to get your name, number, and location on our request list.  Once we have a few in each area, you will be notified, and we will hit that area one day a week.

We also offer a reduced Mobile Fee if we can schedule at least 3 pets from 3 different households if they’re in the same neighborhood or subdivision on the same day. Instead of you paying $25 or $35 individually, you would each only pay a $10 Mobile Fee!  So coordinate appointments with your neighbors!

Full Service Groom (Bath and dry, Blueberry Facial, nails trimmed and filed, Teeth Cleaned, ears cleaned, sanitary trim, Deshed or haircut to your spec’s, anal glands expressed, and our homemade bows.
$40 Small dog (1-25 lbs) + Mobile Fee (1st Pet Only)
$55 Med dog (26-49 lbs) + Mobile Fee (1st Pet Only)
$70 Large dog (50+ lbs) + Mobile Fee (1st Pet Only)
$50 All Cats + Mobile Fee (1st Pet Only)
Partial Groom Service (all services except Deshed or haircut)
$20 Small dog + Mobile Fee (1st Pet Only)
$30 Med dog + Mobile Fee (1st Pet Only)
$40 Large dog + Mobile Fee (1st Pet Only)
Nails Trimmed and Filed only = $25 or $35 (Mobile Fee Included)
Light Dematting included
Medium Dematting around $10
Heavy Dematting we recommend a full shave down.
Multiple dogs/cats same household nail trims/file are only $10 Each additional pet.
Cancellation policy:. No charge for cancellation up to 24 hours prior to booked time, 24 hours or less will incur a $20 charge.

Goldendoodles or Labradoodles may or may not be done on a case by case basis.  Check with Groomer for pricing, and dog may need to be brought in first to see if we will perform the groom based on current matted conditions.

Call now to book your spots! Christine’s Cell is 513-456-0231