Why Swim?

We built our pool based on need.  We needed a nice indoor pool so our dog Bailey could jump in and fetch toys at his leisure without restrictions and get his exercise.  As he gets older we like to see that swimming keeps him limber.  He doesn’t have stiff joints anymore when getting up and down off the couch.  We’ve had other customers tell us the same thing has helped their dogs.

Mostly are pool is just for recreational use and fun.  We don’t do in-pool therapy or swim lessons.  We are simply  providing a nice indoor pool for our local fellow residents to enjoy as we do.

If your dog is recovering from surgery, has a physical medical condition, it’s best to refer to your vet’s recommendation as to if swimming at our pool is a good fit for your dog.  If they are not yet ready for unassisted swimming, we recommend the following steps.

Talk to your vet first about recommendations.  If they recommend Water Treadmill work, talk to our friends at Hot Diggity Dog Canine Water Fitness. 

If your vet recommends assisted therapy swimming, then talk to our friend Sandy at K9 Waves.

Both are great businesses and I have personally used both for our dogs for different needs.

If your dog just wants to come have some recreational swim fun, come on!  We are waiting for you…