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• We Require NO Deposit (Except Luxury Suites Require a $50 Deposit)

Overnight Staffed! (Most Other Places Are NOT!) 

• No additional charges for extra potty breaks, walks, daycare play, medicine administration, or pic/video updates ever!  These are extra costs at other local facilties!

•  40 Security Cams monitor the entire property 24/7!


Drop-Off/Pick-Up Times:  You may drop your dog off for scheduled boarding any day and any time we are open from 6:30am-7pm.  All Pick-Ups are by 9am!  If picked up from 9am-1pm each dog will be charged a Half Daycare Charge each of $20.  Pickups between 1pm-7pm each dog will be charged a Full Daycare Charge of $32 for 1 Dog or $31 each for 2 dogs or more each.


Traditional Kennel Crates, but Extra Large, and Pitched Ceilings for Large Dogs For Extra Head Room!  They also have drip trays below the floor in case you dog has a potty accident, they are not LAYING in it like other places!

Budget friendly price of $41 per day/night or 2 small dogs for $72 (Same Kennel).

$8 Optional 30 Min. Daily Group Swim Per Dog (Add-On Per Dog)


Single Dog Suite (4.5′ x 4.5′) 

  • 1 Dog = $48.00

  • 2 Dogs = $80.00

  • (Dogs Must Be Able To Share Same Suite For Multi-Dog Discounted Prices Shown)

2 Dog Suite (4.5′ x 7′) 

  • 2 Dogs = $80.00

  • 3 Dogs = $105.00

  • 4 Dogs = $140.00

  • (Dogs Must Be Able To Share Same Suite For Multi-Dog Discounted Prices Shown)

$8 Optional 30 Min. Daily Group Swim Per Dog (Add-On Per Dog)​


  • 1 dog = $62.00

  • 2 dogs = $92.00

  • 3 dogs = $122.00

  • 4 dogs = $152.00

  • (Dogs Must Be Able To Share Same Suite For Multi-Dog Discounted Prices Shown)

  • Unlimited Daycare Play

  • Private Play Included if needed at No Extra Charge!

  • Off The Floor Kuranda Cot Bed

  • Cable TV in every room with Animal Planet or other similar movies on all day and night!

  • Accommodations for up to 4 dogs (Depending on size of dogs)

  • Huge 8' x 8' Private Bedroom Suites!

  • All inclusive, no extra fees!

All dogs staying with us MUST be up to date on all required vaccines (Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, & Bordatella). "People" aggressive dogs may not be acceptable to board!  Subject to staff discretion.

Each Mini-Suite will be sanitized and disinfected every day after each use for maximum cleanliness & protection!


Each Boarding includes:

  • Potty breaks (unlimited)

  • Dedicated & Exclusive attention either individually or as a small group by our Staff

  • Raised Comfy Kuranda Dog Bed off the floor

  • Free Daycare Group Play (Rotated in and out daily)

  • Medication administered

  • Food & Water Bowl

  • Air Conditioned/Heated Climate Controlled Space

  • Friendly Social dogs will be rotated in and out of daycare for free play time

  • Overnight Staffed!


  • All dogs must be current on all required vaccines

  • All Females MUST Be Fixed Ages 6 Months and Older To Board or Daycare With Us.  Unfixed females may only use Grooming, Private Swim Rentals, & Private Agility Yard Rentals. 

  • We are not responsible for any damaged beds, blankets, or toys if you choose to bring them!

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