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With our premium mobile grooming service, we come to you in our state of the art grooming van.  Saves you from having to load your dog or kids in the car multiple times, and your dog gets a stress free grooming environment with just one groomer and one dog in the van.  Our van is completely self sufficient, requiring no water or electric from your house.


For Mobile Grooming, message or call each groomer according to their areas listed.  Do NOT call the facility for questions on mobile grooming!

Hannah - Cell 859-818-2925

Danielle - Cell 859-962-2682

Sally - Cell 859-760-3106

Bailey (East Side of Indianapolis Area) - Cell 859-206-1868

Danielle covers Northern KY Area

Hannah covers Northern KY & Cincinnati Area

Sally covers Northern KY Area, Cincinnati Area, & Indiana Area

Bailey covers East Side of Indianapolis Area)

Mobile Grooming Rate Estimates