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The very start of our roots began with our black lab, Sadie.  Sadie had torn both ACLs and her surgeon recommended that we use swimming as a low impact exercise for her as she was recovering.  At the time, we were living close to an equine swimming facility in Virginia that allowed dogs to use the pools.  While we took Sadie for therapy, we decided to let her new brother Bailey, tag along so that he could learn to swim.  Sadie was evidently missing the “swimming gene” that so many labs express, but Bailey was more than happy to throw himself off the side making the biggest splash he could, grab his toy, and swim out to do it all over again!  

After moving back home to KY, we were lucky to find several different water therapy facilities in the area which helped to keep Sadie in great shape for the rest of her life.  What was missing was a place for Bailey to swim just for fun, year-round.   In November of 2016, Doggie Paddles was opened.   We started out in a small warehouse with an above ground pool with a deck built around it.  Soon we grew to include the space next to us and we branched out to grooming, daycare, boarding, and training.   We were having success, but it was glaringly obvious that our current facility was holding us back in so many ways.  

Plans were made to build our new home from the ground up so that it would fit what we needed instead of trying to work with what we had.   In January of 2020 we moved to our new facility and have never looked back!

We would love for you to stop by and ask for a tour, follow us on social media, or check in here on our website to see what we have planned next!  


Phillip and Jennifer

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