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First Time Customers - Please Create your New Profile in our system before calling.  Click "Book Today!" on this site to create your profile and password.  Make sure to sign the online waiver.  You will also be required to sign our Paper Waiver upon your first visit, as well as provide all Vaccinations shown below before ANY service can be done.

Males do NOT have to be fixed at our facility, but Females 6 Months & Older Do!  Unfixed Females May Still Use Grooming, Private Swim Rentals, & Private Agility Yard Rentals.

REQUIRED VACCINATIONS: We require written proof of Rabies, Bordatella, & Distemper/Parvo before your dog can have any service at our facility. Just bring us a copy during your first visit OR have your vet email them to us at so we can keep it on file.

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