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Our employees are not responsible or required to get dogs to swim. No humans are allowed in the pool due to KY State Regulations. Dog owner’s are solely responsible for getting their dogs in and out of the pool, unless there is an emergency of course.  This is not a therapy session.  Swim sessions are for fun & exercise!

Our swim pool is for healthy active dogs only.  If your dog is recovering from a surgery or an older dog and requires more of a “hands on” assistance, please start your dog first at our friends at K9 Waves in Cincinnati.  Sandy gives “hands on” swim assistance and therapy.  Once your dog is comfortable swimming and is considered independent in the water, then they can start swimming at our pool  Also shout out to our other friend Shauna at Hot Diggity Dog Canine Water Fitness….they utilize a water treadmill for your dog for specialized therapy and fitness.

All dog owners will be required to sign a full liability release waiver before their dogs can swim in the pool.  Doggie Paddles LLC is not responsible for any liability issues arising from any dog.

A self enclosed wash-down tub and doggie dryer/blower will be provided after each swim session at no extra charge.  Bring your own shampoo.  Towels are not available. The dryer/blower is a variable speed blower so you can control the amount of air coming out.

VERY IMPORTANT:  PLEASE MAKE SURE your dog uses the bathroom, both #1 AND #2 before entering the pool.  We know accidents happen, but we need to keep this to an absolute minimum!  If your dog uses the bathroom in the pool, we will have to cut your session short, clean the pool, and possibly cancel the rest of the appointments that day, depending on how bad it is.  This is a big expense to us every time it happens.  TIPS:  Do not feed your dog less than 4 hours before your visit.  Do not bring dogs with incontinence issues to the pool until the problem is resolved.  Do not bring your dog if they have had diarrhea in the last 5 days.  We have a designated “Go To” area in front of our building.  A “Self Cleanup” station will be provided back there.  MAKE SURE YOU CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG PLEASE.

REQUIRED VACCINATIONS: We require written proof of the following vaccinations from your vet: Rabies, Bordatella, & Distemper/Parvo are required.   These are REQUIRED BEFORE YOUR DOG SWIMS to protect all of our dogs.  Just bring us a copy during your first visit OR have your vet email them to us at so we can keep it on file.

If your dog is dirty or has mud or snow/ice on their paws, please do not use the pool as their bath!  Take them to the wash station first to hose them off.  A clean pool is a happy pool!

We prefer all dogs to wear life jackets (that we provide) during their entire swim.  However, since signing the liability waiver, it’s up to the dog owner if they want their dogs to swim without them.  The pool is only 5' deep.

The entire pool area, jump deck, and all walkways are covered by a thick rubber non-slip flooring material for maximum safety for all.

We have a supply of various toys that your dogs will be able to use at no charge for fetching.

All appointments are 30/60 minute sessions.  Bath Time after does not need to be part of your timed swim session.

We want ALL dogs to have a blast during their swim sessions.  That’s what we do this for!  Dog owner participation and encouragement makes a huge difference in the happiness of your pet!

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